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My name is Patrick and I run this site with my wife. We have another paid website (, but we want to stop charging people to study and move all of the resources we have into this free website. But again, we need the visitor numbers to pay our bills and mortgage! What we would like to do is make this site a place where anyone can learn and prepare for IELTS without it costing them anything – and we need your help to do it!

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Getting the IELTS result you need means you need to fully understand what skills IELTS is testing, how to approach the test, what question types to expect and the common pitfalls and errors IELTS candidates make, and that’s why we’ve created our free IELTS website, with free online IELTS lessons and practice tests, as well as lessons, exercises, practice tests and more.

This free online IELTS resource is the result of many years of preparing candidates for their IELTS tests, and every contributor to the site has over 15 years IELTS training experience.

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To get started, just click any of the thumbnail images above. You can access specific lessons on all the IELTS skills – reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and much more. Everything you need to get through IELTS all in one place!

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