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Free IELTS listening test 3 Section 4

Free IELTS listening test 3 Section 4

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Free IELTS listening test 3 Section 4Note: all of the question types, timings and pauses between recordings in this free online IELTS listening test are EXACTLY what you can expect in the IELTS test. Our free online material has been designed to emulate the IELTS test as accurately as possible in every aspect.

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We strongly recommend that you do not pause the recording during this practice test – the exact timing you will have in the IELTS test is already built in, so pausing the recording will not give you an accurate idea of your level.

If you’re having problems with Section 4, take a look at our pages on Tips for getting a better result in Section 4


Section 4:


Questions 31 and 32. Complete the following sentence using ONE WORD.

31. East feels    therapy is a better word than ‘alternative’.

 Show answerNatural 32.Osteopathy involves the manipulation of    in order to remove stresses and strains.

 Show answerMuscles


Questions 33-36. Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

According to Matthew East,
33. what must be considered when treating a patient?

    Show answer(the) Whole body 34. what was the original cause of the baby’s discomfort?

    Show answerA difficult birth 35. How does East describe the use of drugs and operations?

    Show answerInvasive 36. According to East, what is the percentage cost of natural remedies compared to western medicine?

    Show answer10%


Questions 37-38. Circle the correct letter A-C

37. East believes western medicine
A. is not suitable for the young
B. has not had sufficient trials
C. is overly influenced by pharmaceutical companies

    Show answerC


38. Natural remedies
A. are sometimes used indiscriminately
B. can be used with patients of any age
C. do not affect diet or lifestyle

    Show answerB


Questions 39-40. Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

39. What examples does East give for the benefits of western medicine?

    Show answerEmergency surgery 40. Who is next week’s guest?

    Show answerDr Moore



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