Reference words in IELTS reading

Reference words in IELTS reading What’s wrong with this sentence? Some people believe that a university education should be available to everyone as a university education will help with employment. The problem here is that ‘university education’ has been repeated – the sentence would have been better presented using a reference word like this: Some … Read more

Understand meaning in IELTS reading

Understand meaning in IELTS reading

As you’ve probably experienced, it can sometimes be difficult to understand meaning in IELTS reading, and this can sometimes be caused by indirect sentences, where the meaning is (intentionally) not immediately clear.

Consider this sentence – what does it mean?

Understand meaning in IELTS reading“Public healthcare, on the other hand, has nothing like the resources available to those with private healthcare.”

Public healthcare has

a) more resources than private healthcare

b) very different resources to private healthcare

c) fewer resources than private healthcare

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