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Free IELTS listening test 4 Section 1

Free IELTS listening test 4 Section 1

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Free IELTS listening test 4 Section 1We strongly recommend that you do not pause the recording during this practice test – the exact timing you will have in the IELTS test is already built in, so pausing the recording will not give you an accurate idea of your level.

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Section 1 Questions 1-10

Complete the form below.


SPCA Application for Dog Adoption

Example answer:

Applicant details Name: Helen Morgan

Date of Interview: September the (1)   Show answer 17th

Address: 12 Towley Avenue, Meadowlea

Tel: 443 5421

Lifestyle Details

Work schedule: At home apart from Wed/Fri between 10 am and (2) Show answer 2.30pm

Reason for Adopting a dog: As a (3) Show answer (family) pet

Number of people permanently living in household: (4) Show answer2

Ages (years) of children who visit regularly: (5) and 6. Show answer3

Allergies to dogs: None

Main carer: Applicant and (6) Show answer(her) husband

Property details

Home owned or rented: rented

Landlord’s contact number: 0795 (7) Show answer722 4189

Fenced yard/garden: Yes

Height of fence: (8) Show answer1.5 metres

Previous Ownership

Breed (9) Show answermix / mixed (breed)

Time owned (10) Show answer 6 years

What happened? Died of old age

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SPCA Rep Hello, welcome to the SPCA. Thanks for coming in for the interview. I know it must seem like quite a complicated process, when all you simply want to do is give an unwanted dog a caring home. However, we need to be sure that the people we re-home dogs with are suitable owners. I hope you understand!
Applicant Yes I do, don’t worry it really is no problem.
SPCA Rep Great, well in this interview, we are just going to go over some details relevant to matching you with the right kind of dog and Ill put some details into the computer as we talk. So your name is Helen Morgan?
Applicant Yes, that’s right.
SPCA Rep Okay and today’s date is. (Q1) September 18th, hmm oh no, its the 18th tomorrow, so its the 17th. Now I have all the address details here from when you first arranged the interview, that’s fine. 12 Towley Avenue , Meadow Lea, telephone number 443 5421, no problem with that, and I can see that you don’t have any pets at the moment. Oh, there is no information here about your work schedule. we need to know how long the dog would be likely to be left on its own you see.
Applicant Well, I actually work full-time, but I run my own business from home. I am at home all day most of the week, apart from Wednesdays and Fridays when I work outside from 10.00 to (Q2) 2.30pm
SPCA Rep Okay, well that sounds fine. We don’t normally allow dogs to go to homes where no one would be at home all day every day.
Applicant I understand.
SPCA Rep Now I need to ask you, why you are interested in adopting a dog – I mean, people do for different reasons. Would you say that you want the dog to be a guard dog for protection of your property I mean – or to be a family pet?
Applicant Well, it would be nice to have a dog that can tell us when someone is coming of course! But we don’t want a big dog that would be stereotypical guard dog, it would actually be a (Q3) family pet for myself and my husband, but we do plan to have children in the near future, so it would need to have a temperament that would be good with children.
SPCA Rep Yes, okay. So how many people live in your house?
Applicant Just the (Q4) two of us. Though my brother stays with us for summer holidays when he isn’t at university.
SPCA Rep And do you have children who visit on a regular basis?
Applicant Yes my two nieces, they are (Q5) 3 and 6. They visit most weekends with my sister.
SPCA Rep Okay, and is anyone living in the house allergic to animals?
Applicant My husband is allergic to cats but not dogs!
SPCA Rep So who will be responsible for the daily care of the pet?
Applicant Well my (Q6) husband works from home too, so it would be a joint effort between myself and him.
SPCA Rep Okay. Now, do you rent or own your home?
Applicant Actually we rent, but our landlord, Johnathon, has no problem with us having a dog, we’ve already checked with him and we are going to buy our own house in a few months anyway.
SPCA Rep Well, I hope you don’t mind, but we do need to check everything is okay, ourselves. Could you give me Jonathon’s phone number so we can make a confirmation call?
Applicant Sure, Ill give you his mobile number. Its 0795 (Q7) 722 4189
SPCA Rep ?
Applicant No 4189
SPCA Rep Okay. Now we need to be sure they animal would be safe from roads and traffic. Do you have a fenced yard or garden?
Applicant Yes we do
SPCA Rep And can you give me an idea how tall the fence is? Again it affects the type of dog that would be suitable as so can jump lower fences!
Applicant Actually, my friend adopted a dog last year and she told me that would be one of the questions, so I know exactly! Its (Q8) 1.5 metres tall
SPCA Rep Okay, now I just need to check your previous experience with dogs. Can you tell me if you have ever owned a dog before?
Applicant Yes, I have. We had dogs when I was a child but I have had only one myself as an adult.
SPCA Rep What breed was it?
Applicant It was (Q9) mixed breed actually, a medium sized dog, I would say. He was really friendly.
SPCA Rep Okay, and how long did you have him for?
Applicant 5, no wait a minute, (Q10) 6 years
SPCA Rep Do you mind telling me what happened to it?
Applicant Well, he was rescue dog and wasn’t young when I adopted him, so he died from age-related natural causes.
SPCA Rep Okay, well thanks very much. You are welcome to go and have a look at the dogs that are here at the moment, but it will take 3 or 4 days to confirm approval of your application. Ill telephone you and let you know the outcome as soon as it has been processed.
Applicant Okay, well thanks very much and I look forward to hearing from you


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