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Ultimate IELTS app for smartphones and tablets

Serious about passing IELTS? Get our app covering everything you need for IELTS – all in one place!


We have always tried to make our resources easy accessible, either by making them free (like this website) or very good value, like this 99c app!

The app includes:

  • Over 450 pages with practice tests, lessons, exercises and hints.
  • 4 complete IELTS practice tests (reading, writing, listening AND speaking!)
  • Vocabulary exercises specifically designed for IELTS
  • Over 100 model answers for the IELTS writing test
  • Over 40 sample answers for the writing test, ranging from low to high with comments and corrections
  • Resources covering all of the IELTS skills as well as vocabulary, grammar and more!
  • Regular updates with new content

Ultimate IELTS app – excellent value at only $0.99 cents!



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