IELTS word of the day Set 1 word 7

IELTS word of the day Set 1 word 7

IELTS word of the day Set 1 word 7

WORD: anticipate


MEANING: to feel, realise or expect something in the future before it has happened

EXAMPLE: He sold all his shares because he anticipated a fall in the market.

STRESS: an-TIC-i-pate

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Quick test. Are the sentences below LOGICALLY correct?


1. John anticipated that it would be bad weather so he took his warmest coat.

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This is logical – if John expected bad weather, he would want to be warm!


2. The company did not anticipate how harsh the recession would be, so they immediately started saving money.

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This is NOT LOGICAL – the company did not realise that the recession would be so bad they wouldn’t have started saving money as a result.


3. The project has been delayed and will now be completed in 4 months, which is 2 months longer than anticipated.

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This is logical. If the project was delayed, it makes sense that it will take longer than anticipated.

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