IELTS word of the day Set 2 word 3

IELTS word of the day Set 2 word 3

IELTS word of the day Set 2 word 3

WORD: suspend


MEANING: exclude for a period of time, temporarily not allowed to join or be a part of something.

EXAMPLE: Children who misbehave at school are often suspended from class as punishment.



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Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verb ‘suspend’.

1. He was caught stealing supplies from his workplace, so he for two weeks without pay – he starts back again next week.
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has been suspended (was suspended is also correct)

2. The police officer should not have been involved because he for an earlier incident.
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had been suspended

3. He’s going to the headmaster’s office now. Judging by the angry look on the headmasters face, I think he .
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is going to be suspended
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