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Earn and spend credits on our website – all completely FREE!

Once you create your free account on our website, you will have a number of great benefits:

  • keep track of which lessons you have studied and which lessons you haven’t
  • use your credits to get free things (see below)!
  • get notifications when new content is added
  • get access to some ‘registered member only’ pages

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST be logged in before you can start to earn credits!

How do I earn credits?

You can earn points for the following:

  • 1 credit for every day that you come back and visit our site
  • 1 credit for an affiliate visitor that comes to our site – every new visitor that comes to our site because they clicked your unique affiliate code, you earn a credit.
  • 1 credit if the affiliate visitor creates an account – if you refer our site to someone and they create an account, you get another credit.
  • 1 credit for watching the complete video in any of our video lessons (NOTE: watching the same video more than once will not give you additional credits – one video = 1 credit!)

What can I buy with my credits?

As soon as you get to 70 credits, you will be able to download any of these eBooks

  • IELTS speaking eBook
  • IELTS reading eBook (General Training)
  • IELTS reading eBook (Academic Module) 
  • IELTS writing eBook (General Training) 
  • IELTS writing eBook (Academic Module)
  • IELTS listening eBook (includes audio files)
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